Tinker-HP is a massively MPI parallel package dedicated to classical molecular dynamics (MD) and to multiscale simulations, using advanced polarizable force fields (PFF) encompassing distributed multipoles electrostatics. Tinker-HP is an evolution of the popular Tinker package code that conserves its simplicity of use and its reference double precision implementation for CPUs. Grounded on interdisciplinary efforts with applied mathematics, Tinker-HP allows for long polarizable MD simulations on large systems up to millions of atoms. It includes the newly developed extension of massively parallel 3D spatial decomposition to point dipole polarizable models as well as their coupling to efficient Krylov iterative and non-iterative polarization solvers. The design of the code allows the use of various computer systems ranging from laboratory workstations to modern petascale supercomputers with thousands of cores. Tinker-HP proposes therefore the first high-performance scalable CPU computing environment for the development of next generation point dipole PFFs and for production simulations. Strategies linking Tinker-HP to Quantum Mechanics (QM) in the framework of multiscale polarizable self-consistent QM/MD simulations are also provided.  Overall, a several thousand-fold acceleration over a single-core Tinker computation is observed for the largest systems.

Tinker-HP: a Massively Parallel Molecular Dynamics Package for Multiscale Simulations of Large Complex Systems with Advanced Polarizable Force Fields. L. Lagardère, L.-H. Jolly, F. Lipparini, F. Aviat, B. Stamm, Z. F. Jing, M. Harger, H. Torabifard, G. A. Cisneros, M. J. Schnieders, N. Gresh, Y. Maday, P. Ren, J. W. Ponder, J.-P. Piquemal, Chem. Sci., 2018, 9, 956-972 (Open Access)
DOI: 10.1039/C7SC04531J

Latest version can be found on the Tinker-HP’s website: http://tinker-hp.ip2ct.upmc.fr/
Current Tinker-HP’s website version: 1.1 (06/14/2018): releasenote-Tinker-HP-v1.1

N-1 version can also be found on Github: https://github.com/TinkerTools/tinker-HP
Current Github version: 1.0 (11/27/2017)

Science and Publications with Tinker-HP: pub-TinkerHP

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