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      DOI: 10.1002/jcc.20245 
      Supplementary materials 
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    6. Representation of Zn(II) complexes in polarizable molecular mechanics. Further refinements of the electrostatic and short-range contribution of the intermolecular interaction energy. Comparisons with parallel ab initio computations.
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      DOI: 10.1063/1.1947192Also selected to appear in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research, 2005, 10, 4
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      Also selected to appear in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research, 2006, 11, 6
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      Free access through Pubmed (NIH PMC article): Link
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      Also selected to appear in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research, 2006, 12, 10
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      Supplementary materials : 
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      Free access through Pubmed (NIH PMC article): Link
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      Free access through Pubmed (NIH PMC article): Link
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      Free access through Pubmed (NIH PMC article): Link
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      Free access through Pubmed (NIH PMC article): Link
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      A noter: Fait Marquant CEA/SPAM/IRAMIS 2010: Lien
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      –>Web of Science highly cited paper<–
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      [LINK to Journal], [HAL]
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Other Publications (and children)

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