Present members

LCT group
Jérémy Weisman (2019, M2)
Nastasia Mauger (2019, M2)
Félix Aviat (M2 then PhD Thesis, 2016-2019, co-advisor: A. Carbone)
Frédéric Célerse (PhD Thesis, 2017-2020, co-advisor: E. Derat)
Perla El-Darazi (M2 then PhD Thesis, 2017-2020, co-advisor: R. Maroun (Beyrouth))
Lise Maurin (PhD Thesis, 2018-2021, co-advisor: P. Monmarché, T. Lelièvre)
Dina EL Ahdab (PhD Thesis, 2019-2022, co-advisor: R. Maroun, (Beyrouth))
Daniele Loco (2018-present, Postdoc)
Maxime Maria (2019-present), Postdoc joint with M. Montes, CNAM
Olivier Adjoua (2019-present), HPC research engineer

Software development platform joint between IP2CT and ISCD (MC2 project team)
Louis Lagardère
 (Research Engineer, SU)
Luc-Henri Jolly (Engineer, CNRS)


– Sehr Naseem-Kahn (M1, M2, PhD Thesis, 2015-2018, co-advisor: J. Contreras-Garcia), now postdoc at North Texas University, USA.
Louis Lagardère (PhD Thesis, UPMC, 2014-2017), now permanent Research Engineer at Sorbonne Université.
Lea El-Khoury (M2 then PhD Thesis, UPMC/Beyrouth, co-advisors: Nohad Gresh and Zeina Hobaika, 2014-2017), now postdoc UC Irvine, USA.
– Geneviève Dusson (PhD Thesis UPMC, 2014-2017, co-advisor: Y. Maday), now postdoc University of Warwick, UK.
– Maxime Tarrago (M2 CAPT, UPMC, co-advisor Etienne Derat, 02-07/2016), now PhD Thesis with F. Neese, Max Planck, Germany
– Antoine Levitt (postdoc, 2014-15). Now Research Assistant Professor (CR2 INRIA) at Ecole des Ponts Paristech, France.
Filippo Lipparini (postdoc, 2013-14). Now Assistant Professor at Universita di Pisa, Italy.
– Roberto Alvarez Boto (PhD Thesis, UPMC, 2013-2016, co-advisor: Julia Contreras-Garcia), now postdoc Universidad de Aveiro, Portugal
– Christophe Narth (PhDThesis UPMC, 2012-15). Now consultant
– Elodie Goldwaser (M2 then UPMC-P5/CIFRE, 2010-2013, co-advisor: Nohad Gresh,)Now Pharmaceutical sector (Pharm.D)
– Aixiao Li (postdoc, 2012-13), now unkown
– Marie-Laure Bonnet (ATER, 2011-2012), now teacher at french Education Nationale
– Aude Marjolin, (PhD Student UPMC-CFR CEA, 2009-2012, co-advisor Jean-Pierre Dognon), Now Executive Director, Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI)
Robin Chaudret,(M2 then PhD Student UPMC, 2008-2011, co-advisor O. Parisel. Now at Schrodinger
Benoit de Courcy (postdoc, 2010-13). Now manager Domaine de Mestre
– Phana Sidarin (M2, Marne la Vallee, 2013), now unknown
– Teresa Trigueros Pina, M2 (Erasmus/MD program, 2012),now MD/Associate Prof., Universitas Miguel Hernandez (Spain) Link 
– Natacha Gillet, M2 (ENS Ulm, 2011), thesis Saclay University, now Von Humboldt associate, Karlsurhe, KIT (Germany) Link
– Marie-Céline van Severen, UPMC, 2006-2009 co-advisor O. Parisel, Now Engineer at Solliq (Sweden)
– Mickael Delcey, M1 (ENS Ulm, 2009), thesis Uppsala University, now : Link
– Simon Ulmer, M2 (ENS Cachan, 2007), thesis CEA, now at French Ministry for the Economy and Finance Link
– Thomas Blarre, L3 (ENS Ulm, 2007), now researcher at BIOVIA-Dassault Sytems Link
– Stéphane Na-Im Tholander, M1 (UPMC, 2007), now director UMAPS Communication